How to Select a Professional BIM Services Company?

"BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process of digitizing and applying building data. Using professional BIM software, a virtual 3D building facility database with engineering information is created and used as facility data. The carrier is used at all phases of the building life cycle. BIM has been the focus of technological development in the construction industry in recent years. So far, many projects have been introduced from design and planning to construction and construction. The introduction of BIM has been used to improve the traditional operation process and solve the problems of project communication, conflict review, time management, and project simulation. Provide a unified data exchange method at all phases of the project, greatly improving the correct and effective transmission and sharing of project information. In addition, integrating and establishing a digital management process based on the BIM facility database can strengthen the interactivity of the data and help improve the efficiency and quality of facility management."

As the benefits that BIM brings to engineering projects have been well recognized, the trend of applying BIM at home and abroad has been established, and it has finally progressed to today's surging and vigorous application situation. Quoting the comment of Professor Xie Shang-xian of National Taiwan University: ""As people’s thinking in promoting or applying BIM technology is increasingly changing from ""Why"" to ""Why not"", we see more and more engineering projects requiring the application of BIM. However, we have heard more and more examples of falling into the trap of ""BIM for BIM"", which makes people worry. If this kind of development continues and expands, it will not only erode the BIM promotion and application achievements accumulated over the past years, but also Taiwan's BIM development is trapped in an unrealistically bad environment, then cannot continue to progress."

Based on the multi-faceted software and engineering technical connotations of BIM applications, in the entire life cycle of the construction industry, whether you are a proprietor, architect, construction factory, professional subcontractor, operation management unit, etc., you can think about how to combine one Professional BIM service companies add value to their projects and businesses to achieve the goal of creating a win-win situation. How to select a BIM services company that meets your needs? The author believes that a professional BIM services company should have at least the following conditions:

1. A service team with rich engineering execution experience and professional engineering literacy.

2. Have the ability to integrate across application fields (such as Construction, Civil Engineering, Bridges, MRT, etc.) and across disciplines (Civil Engineering, Structure, Electromechanical, Equipment, ICT, etc.).

3. Possess various types of large-scale project execution performance and experience.

4. The company has a certain scale and can share risks.

5. Possess innovation and research and development capabilities, and can continue to create new value for partners in front-end technology applications (such as BIM integration FM, AI, IoT, etc.).

To sum up, BIMFM Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2014, dedicates to providing professional application and services of BIM Technology. We has a number of senior design and construction experience personnel (including Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, System Development), under the leadership of these senior personnel, the current working team has nearly 40 members, which has a considerable scale. After the execution and review of countless projects, We are experienced to help our customers solve various problems. Not only do we provide strong technical support, but also carry out customized projects according to different needs to deal with various intractable diseases.

At present, under the leadership of a professional team, BIMFM Technology participates in project areas including Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Rail Engineering, and is responsible for the integration of various disciplines in these projects (including Civil Engineering, Structure, Electromechanical, Equipment, ICT, etc. various data build integration). In addition to the integration of various disciplines, combined with the needs of the owners and years of project execution experience, it is also committed to the planning, execution and operation of the building life cycle solutions, providing professional BIM information management platform system development services (integration of BIM, FM, AI, IoT ), enter the vision of smart project management and operation management, achieve the best management efficiency and improve data analysis capabilities, and out of the new generation of BIM value in this era of big data.

BIMFM Technology also has a lot of project examples in the industry.

Hope that through the comprehensive experience sharing over the years, this article can provide readers with a more in-depth analysis of the "Professional BIM Services Company", and will continue to reflect the true value of BIM in current projects.

Keep up with the times and keep pace with BIM.

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